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air freight

The Giants of the Air:


Air Cargo – Worldwide Logistics in the Sky

When it comes to solving global, time-critical transport requirements, no other mode of transport has achieved such high growth rates as international air freight thanks to the most modern transport processes and global logistics networks.

Air freight is therefore the ideal method of transporting goods and goods that are urgent and have high safety standards, which have to be transported over long distances.

These include relief goods and pharmaceutical products, high-quality luxury goods, valuable machines and spare parts, live animals and plants.

Our air freight solutions offer you the advantage of short transport times across global routes. You determine the speed of your freight by selecting our fast, reliable or flexible logistics solutions.

These guarantee you speedy processing of your goods transports via our international partner networks and forwarding, for example by Road Feeder Services .

Meticulously adhered to flight schedules ensure that shipments are dispatched at exactly the right time, so the overall logistical concept is less prone to disruption.

Our Portfolio

With our global logistics network, we offer you the bridge to your international customers and suppliers. Well-known companies trust in our range of services and our reliability to bring your valuable goods and products to their destinations worldwide just in time and safely.

The following options for shipping by air freight can be selected:

  • Express & Courier
  • Standard
  • Valuable Freight
  • Consolidation
  • DGR / Dangerous Goods

The advantages at a glance


Air freight offers the shortest transport time of all modes of transport.


Here, too, the short transport time, the independence from natural influences and vibrations during handling and the transport time are decisive.


Because international flight routes are clocked to the minute, your shipments can be planned and coordinated exactly.

Short capital commitment

Due to the time advantage of air freight as a mode of transport, your delivery agreements will be fulfilled quickly.